Example of a Filled In Holographic Creation Sheet

To download a PDF of a blank holographic creation sheet, see:


The third part of the holocreation sheet is for others, and the fourth is for extreme holocreation, which is very powerful at breaking your limitations.


 Note This sheet may be copied, used, and given to others, if the source is left intact.

1 HoloCreation  Category  New Lawn in Yard        Thanks For  Experience Laying Sod

Image Detail  Green Beautiful Lawn rather than bare dirt            Emotion  Pleasure / Enjoyment

Image Detail  Neighbors - positive comments on new lawn         Emotion  Appreciative / Connected

Image Detail  Entire Family working together laying out sod        Emotion  Togetherness / Fun

Action Items  Set Date to lay sod.  Call about prices.  Set some days aside to prepare ground.  Check sprinkler height.



2 HoloCreation  Category  $1000 a Day Automated Income     Thanks For  Book Sales / Success

Image Detail Mailbox full of book sale notices - every day!      Emotion  Abundant / Valued

Image Detail  Bank account $ rising, automated bill pay.            Emotion  Prosperous / Thankful

Image Detail Afternoons free for living, earn all $ in morning.     Emotion  Freedom / Flow

Action Items  Give Value to each customer!  Keep getting up at 3:30 to work.  Finish third book.  Motivational tape.


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