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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Can I order your book in hardcopy?

Yes, just click on this link: Hardcopy Version of I Create Reality.


2.  Can I pay any other way than through Clickbank?

Yes, you can.  Send me an email and I can arrange a paypal payment, or you can send a check or money order to

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3. How do I sign up as an affiliate for I Create Reality?

My affiliate program is administered by Clickbank.  

The first step is to go to and sign up as an affiliate.  You aren't choosing what items to sell yet, you just enroll as a generic affiliate and get your clickbank nickname.

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4.  If I know the item name (also called the product code or vendor code) of the book I want to sell, can't I just construct the link myself?

Yes, the generic format for ANY clickbank affiliate link is"

Where the affiliate is your clickbank nickname, and

Vendor is the product name (which is also the nickname of the author, or publisher of the product).

The product name for I Create Reality is "lifecreate" so if your Clickbank nickname is
moremoney than your affiliate link is: