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"How You Can Master Holographic Time to Gain Extreme Wealth and Peace - Truths and Exercises to Help You Live in Joy and Light!"


I want to say a very big thank you for allowing me to share in your
discovery of time.

I feel that I have been practicing this in various ways, but without the
understanding of what I was doing. With your explanation of Holographic
time & the exercises, I feel NOW that I can live more fully in the NOW
moments without fragmentation. This makes me very happy indeed. Being Happy is the ultimate, I feel, knowing how to be happy is the challenge we face.

Robin Dobson,
Queensland, Australia

P.S.  I am writing again to say that I am having continual blessings from the reading & understanding  of your Books, In realizing how much I have previously lived in both past & future, it is so exciting to NOW understand this, & see where I have been fragmenting. 

Understanding the nature of things is wonderful & I can see daily changes in myself & the happenings in my day ... Thank you so very much for being there in the moment when my heart was open to receive this change. Keep up the lovely work, you have taken the time to pursue & find the truth within, & share with all of us. FREEDOM  MAKES ME FEEL SOOOO HAPPY.  Have  a beautiful day... Robin..

Discover the secrets of harmonic time: Techniques that will enable you to live the life you've dreamed

...and you can have it Now   

With holographic time, you get...

The wealth and abundance you desire!

A deep purpose to your life

Confidence and competence in achieving your goals!

Emotional balance and control

Extreme peace, oneness, and focus!

To Create Your Own Reality with Holographic Vision 


Dear Friend - 

Why Would You Want to Live in Holographic Time?

Your entire life will be improved by Mastering Holographic Time because you will literally change your perception of who you are in the world.  You can only find this unique information right here - it isn't found anywhere else.

You can help transform the entire world to Holographic Time!  Millions are discovering the benefits of moving away from Linear Thinking into a powerful new mind-set.  When you know you are an unlimited being in an abundant universe, you create abundance instead of scarcity!

Millionaire T. Harv Eker says that your income will grow only to the extent that you do!  You and your income will grow dramatically when you change your time-consciousness.

Realms of Joy - Time of Light will extremely change your consciousness.  The world itself will then change for you!

This eye-opening book gives real methods for creating reality in a more successful way.  The illusions created by linear time are at the root of so many difficulties in our lives.  The methods presented here destroy the illusions of time and bring increased joy and light through awareness and practice.

What Are Five Benefits of Eliminating Linear Time?

You Can Stop:

  1. Seeing the world through illusions that have been holding you back.

  2. Sabotaging your plans because you don't feel deserving of success.

  3. Using your energy to fragment your reality and create problems.

  4. Being a victim and blaming others for your circumstances.

  5. Fearing for the future, and worrying about tomorrow.


In this mind power classic, Christopher uses his degree in psychology to explore time and consciousness from a unique perspective.

He also draws upon holy writings, quantum physics, and ancient philosophy.  Whatever the sources, you will come to understand what time really is, and how to change your consciousness experience in a beneficial way!

The specific exercises and the summary questions at the end of each chapter make it a simple matter of practice to create Holographic Time in your life!

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this course will teach you

Why you never again need to feel hurried or harried!

How linear time encourages living from the mind, and how to live from the heart in Holographic Time.

How to stop using concepts and structures to view reality, so you can experience the stream of life in Holographic Time.

How Holographic Time is our natural birthright until we are "taught" and programmed to think of time in linear terms!

Why most views of "eternity" are simply extensions of linear time, and what eternity really is.

How living in linear time prevents our innocent perception of life.

How to overcome addictions easily and naturally through Holographic Time!

How miracles are related to time, and how Holographic Time will bring more amazing miracles into your life.

How to use Holographic Time to truly experience free will!

How anxiety and fear are rooted in linear time, and how to destroy these dual bandits in one fell swoop!

Why our perception of time is the single greatest factor in decision making.

Exactly how the human mind fragments our flow of experience!

How linear time creates addictions, and how Holographic Time frees you from addiction by creating the wholeness that you really crave!

How our consciousness of time determines our emotional state.

The 3 simple steps to transmuting uncomfortable feelings, and why time is central to this process.

How to increase your ability to manifest your desires through Holographic Time!

Holographic Time and Language - how to just live in the stream of consciousness and enjoy life.

Why Holographic Time makes creating the reality you want so much easier!

Why linear time makes it hard to approach life as a game, and how Holographic Time makes it a fun game of endless creation and possibility!

Who you really are as a being of light and energy beyond your current imagination.  

How Holographic Time creates a deep and abiding trust in God and this perfectly safe universe!


You wouldn't be reading this unless you want more from life than you currently have.  Holographic Time can change your life at a foundational level.

Living in present awareness is one of the most important skills you can learn!  We are actually born with this ability, but we get trained out of it by culture and education.

Get presence and peace back in your life now!

How we can choose to perceive reality directly, or perceive reality only through concepts and symbols.

How linear time creates the problem of free will, and how Holographic Time truly makes us free and fully accountable for creating our life!

The distinct choice we have of a whole self, or a self broken to pieces, and how time is the fundamental choice between the two.

How our abundance mentality or scarcity mentality come directly from our conception of time.

Why we create stories (mostly incorrect) to explain our emotions and how linear time is the culprit!

How to use Holographic Time to feel the feeling, but let go of the story, with fantastic relationship benefits.

The two ways to change human behavior, and how to use Holographic time to increase the effectiveness of both.

How linear time separates us from everybody, and how Holographic Time increases your awareness of connection with God and with all things.  

Why we love our favorite mood altering activities, and how Holographic Time can help you enjoy them even more!

The financial benefits of changing your perception of time, and how Holographic Time can make you very wealthy.

How Holographic Time makes instantaneous personal change possible, because it makes instant change believable.

Warning - Don't read this book unless you want to:

1)  Massively shift the way you experience life itself!

2)  Believe in God in some manner.  If you are offended by the idea of God, then don't buy this book

3)  Take full accountability for creating your life.

4)  Be led into your own true pattern in life.

5)  Discover your purpose and mission in this sphere of existence!

Consider the Following

Wouldn't you like to experience the vibrancy of life directly, rather than through concepts and structures?

Wouldn't you like to know what emotions really are, and how to instantly create the emotions you want to feel?

Wouldn't you like to have an instruction manual with specific exercises that teach you how to live in Holographic Time?

Wouldn't you like to have total responsibility for your life, rather than feeling like a victim?

Wouldn't you love to feel totally confident with anybody, anywhere, rather than doubtful and inferior?

Are you beginning to see how your perception of time influences all areas of your life?  No other change will be as great as working to change how you experience time.

Are you beginning to see how Holographic Time will massively change your life for the better?

Are you beginning to see how linear time is at the root of most of our illusions, addictions, and relationship problems?

You obviously are open minded.  You're here reading about how time (and space too) are not ultimate realities, but just conscious creations for temporary use in this dimension.

This is the book that shows you how to transform your life through the experience of Holographic Time.  You will be given the tools you need to create the life of your dreams!

This book is without question the quickest and most fundamental way to remove all your limitations and open up a whole new perspective.  That's the best thing you get from Holographic Time, a new way of thinking, and how you think is everything!

The present is your point of power and in fact, the only time that exists, ever!  Holographic Time teaches you how to use this point of power like a magnifying glass, to manifest the desires of your hearts through focus.

Christopher also does Personal Holographic Time Consultations  

$50 for 1/2 hour
$90 for 1 hour

Below is a brief list of benefits you get from the world’s only Holographic Time Consultant.  

You will receive one on one help on how to:

Get into the holographic mindset
Create emotions at will
Identify limiting beliefs blocking what you want
Understand the philosophical assumptions of time
Welcome what you want without grasping or craving
Be relaxed in body and mind to create the proper energy
Keep balanced in your creation in all life areas
See your real desires underlying what you say you want
Learn more about consciousness and how to use it well
Clear emotional blockages through double page scripting
Identify what you really want in life
See exactly what action items will move you forward
Use holographic time to expand your universe
Build a passive income tailored to your passions and interests

I'll work with you where you are at right now.  Everyone has different goals, purposes, and desires.  Send your name and phone number using the support desk and I'll call and arrange a time.

  The Increased Consciousness Movement is growing in an incredibly rapid way.  

  • Millions of people are learning to experience time differently, thus achieving more in life than they ever thought possible.

  • There are more opportunities than ever before in history to use your resources to create worldwide as well as personal improvement.

  • Discover the benefits that others are experiencing

  • As more and more people join forces to shape their environment, we can begin to alter much more than personal reality.  We can change social reality!  Decide to begin now.

  • If you want to learn how to live in present awareness and gain the energy, focus, and vitality to achieve your dreams, then read this book.

Why an Ebook?  Discover the Benefits!

Millions are reading Ebooks and Here's Why

1  Save Money - No shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices.   

2  Control Viewing - Read online or print out a hardcopy.  

3  Read Easily - Enlarge or reduce text size with a click.

4  Navigate Easily -  Hyperlinked Table of Contents.

5  Search Effortlessly – Search capabilities with PDF format.

6  Purchase Easily – Use Credit Card, book is delivered digitally.

7  Access Instantly - You will be reading your book within minutes.

8  Choose Printing Options – Print a few pages at a time.

9  Save Paper – Print multiple pages on one sheet.

10 Be Guilt Free – No fossil fuels used for Ebook distribution.

11 Enjoy Variety - Able to change text and background colors

  • How to Master Holographic Time is (including bonuses below) in PDF (Adobe) format.

  • You can get the Adobe Reader absolutely free (if you don't already have it). Just click on the Adobe symbol below to download.   

  • The book and the bonuses are downloaded very easily.  You will be taken directly to the download page after purchase, and given simple instructions.  My personal phone number is on the download page and you can call me for help.  Some people do need to call because this was their first ebook.

  • If you have any trouble at all with the download process, I will make sure you get access to your books.  My customers are my business!   

We are all seeking for the same things.  We all want increased life. 

We are all striving for the same goals (health, happiness, wealth, freedom, achievement, love, purpose).  I tell you sincerely that practicing and living in holographic time has helped me clarify what I want, and get what I want.

Following the practical exercises in this book every day will bring incredible results in your life! 

Your Success is Worth it!

Never underestimate the power of one small action outside your comfort zone. 

You get immediate and convenient access to:

Realms of Joy - Time of Light along with some extra bonuses for acting now.

Order now and receive the following free bonuses.

When You Master Holographic Time you will be transformed personally, spiritually, and financially.  I want to include these bonuses to give you every possible reason to say YES to this offer today! 

If you respond immediately, in addition to How to Master Holographic Time, you'll also receive the following:

FREE BONUS #1- The Science of Getting RichYou will also be given the Ebook that started me on creating my own reality and following my purpose.  I spend 30 minutes a day with this book!  The book is called The Science of Getting Rich.  This book teaches the step by step system that Mr. Wattles says will not fail!

It does tell you how to get rich, but it tells you so much more than that also.  The teachings sent shivers up my spine the first time I read it.  This is the original book with all of Dr. Wattle's famous teachings about transforming your life!

FREE BONUS #2- Easy Stress CureYou will also receive my book on the Easy Stress Cure 30 Day Program - This book is subtitled "How to Manifest Flow in Your Life and Cure Stress, Worry, and Anxiety".  A great companion to Holographic Time, Easy Stress Cure tells you how to stop resisting your life and go with the flow for greater success, peace, and happiness.  

FREE BONUS #3 "I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization"  The next 50 customers will also receive this book free.  "I Create Reality" is about How to Materialize Your Heart's Desires Through Holographic Creation.  See More about this book at the site  This book alone is worth $49 so you are getting quite a package here. 

After twenty years of studying, reading, and application, these Principles of Reality Creation and Visualization with Emotion finally crystallized in an inspirational burst over the course of two days.  I fill out a HoloCreation Sheet every day and it's the most effective action I do.

If you want to create your own reality, this might be the book that starts you on the road to massive abundance!

FREE Bonus #4 The Shocking Truth About Action:  This power packed 9 page PDF booklet by Robert Anthony shows you why most people try to manifest in reverse! We put way too much emphasis on action on not enough emphasis on thought.  This book is a super supplement for creating your reality and goes hand in hand with Holographic Creation.

Being, not doing, is the first and most important step in the creative process.  Read much more in this incredible book!

FREE Bonus #5- Audio: Attracting Life's Riches, by Carol Tuttle:  What is holding you back from creating a RICH life? Master Energy Therapist, Carol Tuttle, gives you the steps you need to start creating riches in all area's of your life today.  Carol knows all about the law of attraction, and you may as well learn from the best.

FREE Bonus #6- 15 Minute Phone Consultation:  For a limited time, every customer will receive a Free 15 Minute Consultation ($25 Value) with Christopher.  You will receive personal training and answers to your questions about Holographic Time and Holographic Creation.  Note - I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with these personal consultations, so act now!


Special Audio Offer - "Realms of Joy - Time of Light" has been recorded as an audio program.  If you would like to purchase all the ebooks and bonuses above, and the audio download for $35, then use this order button below.

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Please remember that this book is for those who know that they are much more than seen in this physical dimension.  Satisfy your curiosity without risk.  You have the opportunity to:

Try it out for two full months - risk free.  Your transaction is secure and safe, and the download process is simple.  Try it today, even if this is your first Ebook.  If you need help downloading, just email me or call me after purchase and I will help!  About every tenth customer needs help downloading because it's new for them - That's OK!

If this book doesn't give you solid, practical information to increase success in every area of your life, then you get all your money back!   

You have nothing to lose (and an awesome new life to gain), so order now.

Here's how to order right now!

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 It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night! 

You will be downloading and reading this information within just a few minutes... and using it to have the time of your life!

Isn't it about time for you?


Christopher Westra

P.S. - How to Master Holographic Time along with the bonus books will be priced at $49.  I can't guarantee how long the introductory price of $28.19 will last, so act now!  I will be raising the price sometime soon because of combining this deal with the Holographic Creation Book.

P.P.S. -- Make the decision: If you don't purchase this book, where will you be weeks from now?  Probably right where you are now. Real change comes from unique new ideas.  Get the success you want through the motivation and practical exercises provided in this book. 

Wouldn't you like to have clarity, mind power, confidence, and peace?  Gain the ability to create what you really want.  To make your life different, you must start to do things differently.  Start today!

What are you going to do now?

The present moment is all that exists.  Are you going to act on this opportunity?

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